Would you like to:

• Quickly and easily let go of stress, anxiety, or burnout?
• Let go of unwanted thoughts and experience inner peace?
• Enjoy more loving and supportive relationships?
• Live a life of balance, harmony and joy?
Fereshteh Samsami is co-leading a 3 day course “THE WAY UP: How to Let Go and Live your Best, Most Joyful Life” with the Center for Releasing, a non-profit educational organization.
Releasing is a powerful cognitive process that provides an easy and practical method to let go of negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Releasing is different from every other self help program for one simple reason: while others try to teach you to add something, Releasing is about undo-ing, letting go, freeing ourselves, thereby revealing our innate wisdom and joy.
fereshteh_photoFereshteh Samsami is a Certified Releasing Coach with the Center For Releasing and is also trained in co-active coaching, mindfulness, holistic leadership and is a certified yoga teacher. Fereshteh helps clients manifest the career and life that they love with ease and harmony. Prior to coaching, Fereshteh had many career adventures across 6 countries, from particle physicist to management consultant to non-profit leader.