Client Focused Coaching has designed some exciting workshops especially for entrepreneurs in March & April, details on – The site for Time Poor Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.
Prioritising My Time (3rd & 17th March)
Are your daily responsibilities getting in the way of your business so that your To-Do list looks as though it goes to infinity & beyond? This workshop runs over two sessions and is for people who want to work smarter not harder.  It is practical and offers techniques which can be used straight away to priortise and use time more effectively
The sessions run for 60 minutes and take place at 9.30 am GMT/10.30am CET on Wednesday 3rd March and Wednesday 17th March with fieldwork in-between. Calls will be recorded and circulated to those who cannot attend.
Priortising My Timecosts €50 and with a special rate of €30 for WBII members. Dial in details for calls will be forwarded via email after payment & registration.
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Here’s TpEBO’s top 5
time management techniques to get you started!
1. Recognize you can’t do it all
2. Prioritize
3. Learn to say “No”
4. Unplug (no need to be connected 24/7)
5. Take time off (having a break, gives you clarity)
“The majority of clients that come into my practice have too much to do and not enough time to do it. These sessions help them refocus”
Sinead Hewson
Marketing My Business (March 9th onwards – bonus session 23rd February)
If your marketing initiatives a little ad-hoc; taking up more time than you would like and not quite getting the results you want. Then ‘Marketing My Business’ is for you.
‘Marketing My Business’takes place in March, April & May over six sessions. It is specifically for small businesses who need to focus on the important items to help drive sales. The sessions last 60 minutes with fieldwork in-between.
As a special bonus,
there is a free teleseminar in advance on the session on Tuesday, 23rd February (10.30am to 11,30am). To register log on to The first session of the programme is on Tuesday, 9th March.
You can have the best
product or service in the world, but if people don’t buy – it’s worthless. So in reality it doesn’t matter how wonderful your new product or service is. The real question is – will they buy it?”
Noel Peebles
Here’s a taster to help you get your thoughts on what you can do to ‘Market my business’ – these questions will help form your marketing brief (the foundation on which your marketing initiatives will be based).
1. What are your business objectives?
2. What are your marketing objectives?
3. What are the key messages you want to communicate?
4. When does your marketing programme need to be up and running? (i.e.deadlines?)
5. Are there some existing activities that you want to include in your marketing activity or is it time for an alternative marketing solution?
6. Who and where is the target audience? Not just direct customers, who are the other stakeholders
7. Do you require a short term burst of activity e.g. over weeks/months, or a more planned and sustained marketing programme?
8. What is your available budget (don’t worry if its zero)
9. What would you regard as a measure of success?