Visibility-Allison-Hamilton-RoheSome of us hate public speaking, but amplifying her message was one of Allison‘s major goals in 2016.  Boy, has she gotten off to a great start!
With a radio interview on Voice of America, a top tips video feature for Word Up! on Planet Fem and an article for Talented Ladies’ Club, it was a big visibility month for Allison.
But, as it so often true for so many of us, all she could (initially) see was where she had gone wrong.  As she watched the Planet Fem video, her negative self-talk drowned out the glory of her success.
Have you ever done this to yourself?  Looked at a photo and focused in on your mid-section, perhaps?  Or your goofy grin?
As women, so many of us take these momentary physical manifestations personally — and use them as excuses to hide or to keep a low profile.
Why?  Because beauty was our only currency for eons.  But, this is no longer the case!
Allison spoke up about how she experienced seeing herself on video in her vlog, “Visibility Day” and inspired another fellow WBII’er, Susan de Vriend, to post her own #notperfect video. See below:

As we sally forth into this journey of entrepreneurship, Allison and Susan encourage you to speak your own truth about perfectionism.
If you are so inspired, please shoot your own #notperfect video and post it in our WBII Facebook group and/or join us in our new #notperfect Facebook group for extra support!

Allison Hamilton-RoheAllison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach with her own company, DailyOutfit.  She created a unique formula to help you discover you personal style. DailyOutfit coaches you to define your beauty and translate it into a personal style you can inhabit with ease. She believes everyone can feel beautiful & confident every day.  Allison is from New York and lives in Leiden with her husband, two kids, dog and bunny.