Background and Board of Management

As a registered not-for-profit foundation, WBII is required by law to have a Board of Directors. Several years ago, when our (paid) office manager moved to Spain, and when at about the same time, two former board members stepped down, the ‘Board of Management’ was formed, carved out of the Board of Directors. We wanted to ensure the continuity of the WBII, and in recognition of our busy schedules, needed to streamline operations and facilitate decision-making. The Board of Management meets on a monthly basis, each member committing to put in an average of ± 5 hours per week (and at times more!) on WBII business, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. It currently includes Lisa Hall (Treasurer), Dymphna Elsink (Vice-President) and Charlene Lambert (President).

Executive Board

WBII is a growing, volunteer-led organization, and as such, we need all of the help we can get! The Board continues to provide much-needed support for special projects and activities, and it currently includes Nira Satguru and Akanksha Menon. Nira, for example, works behind the scenes as the WBII ‘go-to’ person for members seeking advice on strategy and business. Members can contact her at any time by email, and she has already successfully helped a number of members with their business-related questions. In addition, she supports the two ‘Start Your Own Business’ (SYOB) seminars that we organize on an annual basis in spring and fall with Webster University Leiden, as both a speaker, and as the sponsor of the delicious vegetarian catering served during the event. Akanksha also supports the organization and management of the SYOB seminars with social media and as a fantastic photographer. Without their support, we would not be able to successfully run the SYOB seminars.

New Executive Board Members

Several WBII members have shown great leadership over the past few years, and without their contributions, we would neither be able to have The Wise newsletter – which is sent out on a monthly basis to over 2000 addresses – nor successfully attend fairs. These members include: Jane Pocock (The WISE Newsletter Editor), and Darina Veen Kassova (Fairs Coordinator). In addition, a former WBII Board Member and Office Manager who took a break when her children were young, is returning to the Board! We are pleased to welcome Natalie Carstens back, who has been doing outstanding work supporting us with the new website. Natalie will be looking after Membership Relations. In recognition of their amazing support, and after discussing this together with them, it’s our pleasure to welcome them to the WBII Board! They deserve this recognition, and it’s also our way of saying ‘Thank You’ from all of us for their exceptional contributions.

WBII Board of Directors

The full WBII Board of Directors – including the Board and the Board of Management – meets together twice a year to take stock of how we are doing, and to recalibrate plans. We are also regularly and informally in touch, to share information, to coordinate and work on projects, and to keep everything moving forward. It’s interesting to note that the members of the WBII Board together represent 6 different countries, and as such, embody a wealth of creativity and ideas that people from one or two cultures might not develop. We are so pleased with this fantastic team, and all that we have been able to accomplish together.

For a small, 14-year old non-profit and volunteer-led foundation, WBII is running smoothly, and this is in part possible because of a dedicated team. On the other hand, they would not even be where they are, were it not for the encouragement and participation of all of the WBII members, for whom we are all also extremely grateful! There are may ways of getting involved and contributing, and members who have an idea and are interested in supporting the organization are encouraged to let us know.

New Mighty Comms Team

We have also gathered a fantastic team together to support communications and marketing of the WBII. They include: Moran Greenwald, Teresa Moynihan, Cigdem Guven, Akanksha Menon, Dymphna Elsink, Natalie Carstens, Deborah Valentine, Jane Pocock, Ugne Marchionno and Lisa Hall.