Highlighting the amazing work being done by Ukrainian entrepreneurs

In December we would like to shine a huge light on the amazing work being done by Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Working under such extremely difficult circumstances in time of war, they are an inspiration to us all.

Selzy brings us up close with 9 inspirational Ukrainian entrepreneurs showing us how the armed conflict is affecting their businesses. One important way that works is through the support that the Ukrainian businesses give to each other.

Gunia is showing us how a small business can help to ensure that cultures continue to flourish, even though the war is resulting in the destruction of Ukrainian culture.

Diia, a service started by the Ukrainian Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, supports the development of entrepreneurship and exports. The project’s main objectives are to increase the level of entrepreneurial skills in conducting business both in Ukraine and in foreign markets through educational programmes and webinars. A unique aspect is the innovative “hotline” to help Ukrainian forced migrants in neighbouring EU countries find a job, open a business or temporarily move their business.

As the cold winter months are now upon us, perhaps we can all reflect on how we can individually support Ukrainian entrepreneurs in these difficult times. Even though access to basic services, including electricity, heat and water are frequently out, Ukrainian businesses still continue to work as best they can. They are truly showing us what collaboration and perseverance in business are all about.

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Cover Photo credit Crocusfield, Cigdem Guven