Some highlights from our February Board Meeting include:

IWD celebration

We are ready to celebrate International Women’s Day, and the registration is already open with Early Bird tickets still available. All workshops are finalised (1. “Critical Thinking in Today’s Worksplace” and 2. Change your Money mind-set”) and the keynote speaker will be Nava Hinrichs, Managing Director of the Hague Process on Refugees and Migration.
WBII is looking for sponsors for video-recording the festive event.

Events’ Coordinators

Since the board appreciates all the support WBII gets volunteeringly from our members, they have decided that members that coordinate workshops and events such as the Professional Development Workshop and the International Women’s Day, will have free entrance to them (only 1 coordinator per PDW and 2 coordinators per IWD).

Network February Lunch

Everything is arranged with venue. No speaker is assigned on this day since it’s a fun and informal opportunity to relax and connect with one another.

Website Update

WBII board has started updating our website. The goal is to make it more compact in information and more user-friendly.
The WBII Executive Board:
Julie Kennedy, Charlene Lambert, Nira Satguru, Vassia Sarantopoulou, Lucy Bosscher, Sophie Bonavero.
The Executive Board is comprised of committed members, each taking specific responsibilities to support the WBII.