WBII Meeting Notes
Executive Board Meeting
June 7, 2017

In attendance: Julie, Sophie, Nira, Lucy, Charlene, and Liliana
The Floor is Yours – name for new segment of the Networking Event where a member can pose a question or problem and get feedback from the audience. It will last a maximum of 15 minutes. Questions can come from the floor, or sent in in advance.
Banner – Lucy is working on a new banner for SYOB. It should reflect that it is the starters hot point for everyone.
Members – are invited to come to WBII on the second Tuesday morning of the month (from 10 – 12 noon) to discuss, have coffee, etc.
GMW – has reduced their contribution to Euro 500.
Calendar –decision made not to have a calendar, but to look for another product that may take its place.
Strategy Meeting Agenda – Board should send it ideas by Thursday, June 8, so that Sinead can prepare.
PDW logistics will be taken care of by Liliana. This includes registration and changes in website. Teresa, Ute and Natasha will do everything else. One of them may attend for free.
SYOB – Sinead has written a document that has all procedures for SYOB. Natasha will pick up the organization of the events. Sinead will continue speaking. For the sake of branding and professionalism, we need to have a consistent message and reinforce the message that this is an event for men and women. As Vassia is handeling the social media, everything should go through her
Closed vs Open Facebook page – Vassia has formulated a policy.
Attendance for past members –Past members may attend networking events at any time for Euro 25 including VAT.
Newsletter – Julie to speak to Deborah regarding the newsletter so that we can feed more information to her.
June Networking Meeting – Recognition to Natasha Teresa, Deborah, Ute, Sinead, Dymphna. Article for the newsletter and each get a bottle and a found of applause. Nira will organize the wine.
Speakers for upcoming networking events – suggestions included a speaker on global citizens, Reiki if it can be on a business related topic, the new NVR Director. February lunch event could be an alternative topic, such as self-care, mind & body.
Board Members – the search has been posted on facebook. We need people who have backgrounds in Finance, communication & PR, etc. We also need someone to coordinate the fairs.
Email & website – Lisa has sent a message regarding the number of WBII email addresses. In order to reduce charges, we need to reduce the number of email addresses. Julie will answer Lisa’s message.
Written by Charlene Lambert