Some Highlights of the March Board meeting include:

IWD Celebration

The board discussed the IWD registrations and the final protocol for 8th March 2017 at the Marriott Hotel Den Hague. Looking forward to empowering & inspirational event with Dr Giedre Vasiliauskaite, Marian Koek the two workshop speakers and the keynote speaker Nava Hinrichs. Board also discussed 2018 IWD celebration to be part of the networking of March. Thanks and appreciation to Julie and Sophie for their efforts in organizing IWD.

Network February Lunch

Board discussed the February networking lunch positive feedback from attendees. Thanks were offered to Lucy for organisng the lunch at the Bijnkorf Kitchen.

Past Members & Membership

The policy of past members attending networking events will be changed to facilitate attendance. Guest entrance will be Euro 25.
A membership benefit of joining the WBII, which is run by its members for its members on a volunteer basis, was also discussed. The feedback from members is that the energy, learning’s and growth experienced has added value and enhanced entrepreneurial spirit. The positive collaboration as a result of joining the WBII network has many examples. Thus being a continued member of the network is valued.
Membership benefits of the closed Facebook page where one can post questions and seek help, collaborations and set up or join a Master Mind Group is a major benefit of joining as a member.
We would like to hear from members the tangible and intangible member benefits experienced.

April & May Networking Date changes!

Due to public holidays in Netherlands the next two networking evenings will be on 20th April & 18th May.

Strategy Meeting with Sinead Hewson

The Board members will dedicate an extra Tuesday in June to WBII. Sinead will facilitate a strategy session.

The WBII Executive Board:

Julie Kennedy, Charlene Lambert, Nira Satguru, Vassia Sarantopoulou, Lucy Bosscher, Sophie Bonavero.
The Executive Board is comprised of committed members, each supporting the WBII in their areas of strength.
Written by Nira Satguru.