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Closing the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship Could Add Trillions to Global GDP

This impressive 136-page report from Citi GPS points out that supporting women entrepreneurs is not just the right thing to do socially, it is one of the smartest things that governments, corporations, and the finance community can do economically. It could add up to $2.3 trillion to GDP and up to 433 million jobs. Women-led businesses can be more profitable than those led by men if given access to the same resources. However, women entrepreneurs face major barriers related to accessing finance, and participating in public life and the business ecosystem. As the world seeks to build back from the pandemic and achieve sustainable development goals, a gender-balanced playing field for entrepreneurs is critical.

Entrepreneurship a Pathway for Female Ukrainian Refugees

Women and children make up an estimated 90% of the millions of people who have fled Ukraine since the war began. And overnight, Ukrainian females became acting heads of their households. In this article, Cheryl Novak therefore urges the EU to add support of female migrant entrepreneurship and self-employment to the mix as they discuss integration support packages.

The Value of Diverse Perspectives

In case there are still disbelievers, a recent panel discussion at Stony Brook University sheds light on how diverse perspectives lead to more creative research, more sustained innovation and inclusive economic growth. Jennifer Woolley, an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, shared some interesting findings…such as that firms with female academics obtained more grants than firms with male academics. “So when we say there’s a stereotype that academic women aren’t being innovative or aren’t being entrepreneurial, that’s just wrong,” said Jennifer.

Europe’s Most Influential Women in the Startup and Venture Capital Space published their Top 100 List of inspiring women who are shaking things up in Europe’s startup and VC space. Normally they cap it at 50, but this year, there were just so many women they wanted to celebrate! The list includes links to their LinkedIn profiles, if you want to follow and connect.

Fellowship Programme Offers Women Entrepreneurs Training and Mentoring Retreat in Spain

The Break Fellowship will offer a two-month entrepreneurship programme, including a 28-day retreat in Spain, to 280 female entrepreneurs. Applications are open until Sunday 26th June 2022.


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