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Glaring Gender Disparity in Access to Covid Grant Funding in Scotland

In 2020 grant support was made available to SMEs in Scotland to help them during the pandemic. Women’s Enterprise Scotland, in partnership with mnAI (an AI-powered company intelligence platform), took a close look at 2 funds – the £30 million Creative, Tourism & Hospitality Enterprises Hardship Fund (CTHEHF) and the £120 million Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund (PERF) – in a recent data analysis. They found that female-led companies received just 15.7% of the CTHEHF funding and 9.7% of the PERF funding. “Even when grant support is made available to businesses, structural inequalities prevail and limit women’s access to crucial funding,” said WES CEO Carolyn Currie.

Powerhouse Female Entrepreneurs in Amsterdam to Watch in 2022

According to Chamber of Commerce (KVK) data, 39% of 120,000 Dutch startups launched last year belonged to women. A series of articles published on Silicon Canals profiles the women leading the way in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem. View Part 1 and Part 2.

Gender Stereotypes and Their Impact on Women Entrepreneurs

Gender stereotypes start early and can have a lasting impact on aspirations, confidence and behaviour according to survey data from women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries. The report, issued by The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, revealed that gender stereotypes were most commonly conveyed in childhood by family members, in the media and in education. Social approval or disapproval of different careers by family members, teachers, friends and others plays a role. And most respondents (70%) reported knowing a woman entrepreneur when they were children, suggesting that role models have a powerful influence on outcomes.

Helping Impact Startups in The Hague Grow Faster

ImpactCity and Startupbootcamp have joined forces to launch the ImpactCity Accelerator, a programme that focuses on accelerating sustainable startups in The Hague which focus on innovations in energy transition, wellbeing, food/agritech, climate and water. ImpactCity Accelerator will select 10 ambitious startups to join an intensive three-month programme. And they’re looking for mentors too. The deadline for applications is March 11. More information here. ImpactCity has also set up a special programme, in collaboration with Balance, to help 10 sustainable startups and scaleups find and obtain the right subsidies. Plus, check out this masterclass if you have an impactful idea but need guidance on how to turn that idea into a successful startup.


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