Out of respect for everyone’s time, many networking events are organised around a theme, a speaker – if asking for member’s time, organisers offer something in exchange, even though the networking opportunities alone are in fact of benefit to all attending members. The WBII is no exception to the rule, countless other organisations offer networking events with an added benefit – a speaker with words of wisdom, a location otherwise not easily accessible, a ‘hot’ topic.
Funnily enough, what is sometimes heard is that at these events, little time is actually ‘left-over’ for networking – getting to know people – NOT simply exchanging business card. In acknowledgement of the missed opportunities of introducing yourself, getting to know fellow members and making a step towards strengthening the underlying tenants of the WBII – supporting a community of entrepreneurial women – the WBII has invited members to host an ‘informal’ networking opportunity. What we aim to offer is the chance not only to introduce yourself, but also to get to know your fellow members – let us face it a community (aka network) is only as strong as the links between its members!
Evenings are not always convenient – so for this inaugural ‘informal’ networking event Deborah Valentine of a hand in The Hague invites you to attend the luncheon network event – speakers AND themes are YOU, members of the WBII.
Thursday, 27. May 2010, 11:45 – 13:30
WBII, Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, The Hague
Cost: €15 member – includes light lunch and refreshments.
Cash on the day and a receipt will be provided.
WBII members only