The WBII runs monthly sessions for new members entitled `New Members Orientation’ which gives them the opportunity to hear about the initiative’s activities, the benefits of membership and a chance to meet other new members. These sessions are also intended for women who are thinking of starting their own business and want to receive more information about becoming a member.
The sessions are hosted by Teresa Moynihan and Lisa Rouissi and take place the first Friday of each month at 10.00-11.30. Following introductions, the participants receive information about activities and upcoming events at the WBII, they hear about the benefits of membership from an existing member and a quick guide to navigating the WBII website. The session finishes with a tour of the office where they are able to see the facilities at first hand, as well as meet members working in the building.
This is done in a relaxed and informal setting and usually in groups of 5-10. It’s very encouraging for new members to hear stories from others who are in a similar situation to their own and very often there is a quick exchange of contact details and business cards during the sessions!
The sessions are always very well received and often, people are pleasantly surprised at, not only the impressive and professional office facilities, but the number of workshops, presentations, events and network of support available.  Starting your own business can be a daunting business! New members are reminded that there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise, networking opportunities and office facilities available at their hands at a very low cost.
For more information about upcoming dates please check the WBII calendar, or contact Teresa Moynihan or Lisa Rouissi, send an email to
Next date: Friday, 15. October 2010, 10:00 – 11:30