WBII theme 2020 – Year of Growth

At the WBII’s last networking event of 2019, Erica van Engel closed her presentation – a taster of her masterclass on “Making it happen – set your strategy for 2020“, with the following quote: “there is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs.” A fitting intro to the theme the WBII has established for its 2020 networking events: Growth.

The programme for our networking events have been designed with the intention of helping our community grow. Grow personally, professionally and, with & in your business.

We will provide you with stepping stones to growth this year. In November, we will invite members who have participated in 4 or more events to join a panel and share their experiences.

January – Roadmap To Confident & Consistent Visibility
February – our annual ‘lunch’ at Sushi Morikawa, no evening networking this month
March – What makes a winning sales person?
April – Wellness: a panel discussion with different experts to ensure you look after the CEO of your business
May – Customer Journeys’ – what do they look like for small businesses?
June – Copy-writing – developing the texts for your message
July – we take a summer break
August – Video content – what strategic considerations should you keep in mind
September – Help yourself, while helping others
October – Networking – creating your champions & spokespersons
November – Reflect-Share-Learn. At this, our last official evening networking event we will invite a panel of those who have attended the WBII’s 2020 networking events on ‘growth’ and ask them – through a moderated panel – which steps did you take?, what worked, what did not?
December – Celebrate. As has become our custom, we take the month of December to host a festive lunch where we celebrate the year which is closing and find inspiration from one another for the year ahead.

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Author: Deborah Valentine