Last year, the European Commission published a proposal on a directive on work-life balance for parents and carers. Currently, the European Commission’s directive is being discussed in the European Parliament. The Employment Committee (EMPL) is the lead Committee in charge of reviewing the proposal. The FEMM Committee is an associated Committee.
The EMPL Committee Rapporteur Ms David Casa (EPP, Malta) has presented his draft Report last week. The main points of his Report were to asking for increased paid leave for parents and carers and better safeguards for micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSME). You can find a summary of the Commission’s proposal and the latest updates on the file in the document enclosed.
We are reaching out to you because we are drafting a position paper and we are planning meetings with Members of the European Parliament next week. We would welcome any comments or suggestions you have on the Commission’s proposals or in general on work-life balance for women entrepreneurs. The questions below can serve as guidance.

  • How do women owners of small companies manage maternity leave and child care? What could we be doing better in this regard?
  • When they are on maternity leave, who manages the business and how is this person paid?
  • Do you have any examples from your national legislation of ongoing issues for women entrepreneurs in terms of maternity leave or work-life balance?

Please email your responses to elena.guillet@logos-eu.com.