WeSoar - logoWeSoar is a transformative and longitudinal research study about the experiences of women entrepreneurs across the globe in order to identify the success triggers, top dilemmas, the impact women have had on their communities or the environment, as well as their readiness for the future.
Entrepreneurship research is seen as a relatively new field and attention to women entrepreneurs, even more so. This research project is unique because entrepreneurs run it. We know time is precious to our participants and spending it on something worthwhile is important. Information is gathered using face-to-face or online personal dialogues.
The objectives of WeSoar are more ambitious than pure research or academic contribution. This is also a practical research study. The progress and outcomes of the interview and the study will be communicated back to each respondent. Furthermore, respondent forums for exchange and ongoing learning opportunities are to be established as longer-term outcomes.
Through your participation you will gain deeper insight and benefit from long-term feedback on the outcomes. You also gain an opportunity to give or gather support by sharing with your peers.
WeSoar is conducted through the joint association of UnitedSucces, Synquity and Trompenaars Hampden-Turner. The research is conducted under the guidance of an advisory board consisting of accomplished academics and other knowledge or project experts.
Madeleine van der SteegeFor further information or participation, please contact Madeleine van der Steege: mads@synquity.com or Mobile 063 088 5046