You are in a dead and stale place. No energy, no flow. Everything feels black and white. There are seemingly no alternatives. Or are there?
In this workshop you’ll learn how to shift out of a seemingly unchangeable situation to one that opens up new perspectives. You’ll gain new perspectives that can move you into purposeful and passionate action again.
Date: Monday 6 June 2016
Time: 19:00-22:00
Place: Bloom | House of Health
Experts: Nadja Müller-den Blijker
Entrance fee: free for CW members, €15 for guests (including drinks and snacks)
Registration: https://cw-june2016-
Nadja-Muller-den BlijkerNadja Müller-den Blijker will show you a formula for moving from stuck to possibilities. You become aware of your current limiting perspective that are driven by subconscious opinions, assumptions, beliefs, and expectations. You’ll then explore and choose a new, more powerful perspective to move forward.
Your new perspective will expand your creativity and increase your range of possibilities, creating a variety of options to choose from. As you move into a commitment, you’ll explore what you would have to do to realize that dream or challenge, and who would have to be to make it so. Bring a topic about which you currently feel stuck to work on during the workshop.
There will also be a short coaching demonstration, in which you will experience the power of perspectives in a one-on- one coaching. We’re looking for a volunteer for this coaching demo. Please email to Nadja ( in advance, if you would like to volunteer!
Born in South Africa and Austrian by nationality, Nadja Müller-den Blijker started her career in the oil and gas industry as field engineer, working on and offshore in West Africa. After these years in a challenging and male-dominated work environment, she became an early developer of climate change mitigation in the corporate world. She worked in Carbon Capture and Storage research in the US, the Netherlands and Australia.
Over the years of program and project management, Nadja noticed that the coaching, leadership, and conflict resolution areas of her work became more prominent. In training to become a certified coach, she re-connected with a long held dream of hers: world peace.
In 2015, she started her own business Bell Noma and the coaching-tech Start-up SonoVR, working in the areas of business coaching, trauma relief, peacemaking and developing virtual reality applications with coaching and therapy interventions.
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