The idea of the WBII IWD celebration 2016 is not a formal sit down dinner, far from it. We are striving for a vibrant evening of meeting and sharing, connecting and inspiring!

So what is “Planking” ?

The “planking” dinner format that is being offered by the Crowne Plaza includes individual dishes served on all tables in a round of multiple starters, then main courses…etc, with the idea being you can move around the tables and eat further; have one at one table, and another elsewhere.
Tables and seating are intended for sitting only during the keynote speeches – both for your comfort, and to encourage a quiet moment for our speakers.

Join us!

This event is not just for women entrepreneurs but for all women, their friends, family, and the men who support them. The day is dedicated to celebrating women the world over: their successes, dreams, and goals.
You can by all means come alone, rejoice with those you know, meet new, be inspired and motivated by the synergy in the room.
Our program is now complete:

  • 2 outstanding afternoon workshops/presentations
  • powerful, inspiring keynote speakers from various parts of the world


Play your part: share the word, on Facebook, LinkedIn, invite friends.
The world is changed by the communal effort of every individual: be part of it!

IWD2016 is Sponsored by

Webster University Crowne Plaza Den Haag Promenade De Haagse Brug | The Hague Bridge