Many businesses are blaming all of their woes on the credit crunch and currently reformulating their business model. According to Sinead Hewson of Client Focused Coaching, “it is important to a step back and assess if the business and the people in it are operating at cause or effect.”
She asks WBII members to answer the following:

Are you at Cause or Effect?
1. Do you give yourself a hard time when things go wrong?   Yes □ No
2. Do you blame others when something you are responsible for goes wrong? Yes
□ No
3. Do you sometimes lose patience when someone to whom you are talking to  Yes
□ No     does not listen/understand?
4. When you don’t achieve the result you want do you feel bad?   Yes
□ No
5. Do you always know what you want from a given situation at work or in  Yes
□ No    your personal life?6.Are you blaming the credit crunch for your woes?    Yes □ No
Questions 1, 2, 3,4, 6  Yes = at effect  Question 5: No = at effect

When a company is at ‘effect’ they, don’t know what they want, feel there is no choice/necessity and have a tendency to blame others. People in this frame of mind tend to be judgmental, can be rigid or stuck and are at mercy of their own emotions. “This impacts on the quality of decision making and the performance of the organisation” according to Hewson.
When a business is at ‘cause’ it knows its outcome, has choices, takes responsibility and is adaptable. “This means that the leadership team and employees have perspective, are open to new ideas, are able to accept the challenge of new situations and will survive the economic downturn” added Hewson.
The majority of businesses today are reacting to the situation because they have no blue-print and they feel certain things are out of their control (e.g. cash flow from the banks). Hewson maintains that smart companies will concentrate on building viable businesses regardless of their financial situation, selectively pick their opportunities and flourish.
Hewson’s experience with her own business is similar to many small business owners. “The level of uncertainty has been challenging, projects are deferred or cancelled at the last minute” she added. “Of course I have moaned about my situation, but I have made a point of cutting the sessions short so I can focus on what my ultimate goal is…to make a profound difference in peoples lives so they can reach their potential. I have changed my business model, and it’s beginning to pay off”
Client Focused Coaching helps business owners identify what they need to focus on so that their businesses are viable and thriving beyond 2009. This is delivered with a mix of half day in-company workshops, 1-2-1 coaching sessions and facilitated meetings over a three week period (
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