We ask our members share a few thoughts: to introduce themselves to fellow members, and those who are interested in our community.
Marie-Hobbs-VijendranIn this instalment, we interview Marie Hobbs-Vijendran of Attention2Being.
Tell us about your business:
Attention2Being creates opportunities for people to come into greater connection with themselves. Through mindfulness and mindful self-compassion techniques we can weather life’s storms in a way that allows us to grow and become stronger. We’re all vulnerable, we all suffer in different ways. Are you courageous enough to make self-compassion part of your way of life? It can be transformative and help you better care for others.
What 5 words would you choose to describe your business?
Motivational, Nurturing, Logical, Peace bringing, Calming
What are your most popular products or services?

  • 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion (including half day retreat)
  • One day Mindful Self-Compassion workshops
  • Body, Mind and Soul day retreats
  • Private mentoring
  • Weekly support groups

What do you like best about owning a business?
Running my own business allows me to respond to what people genuinely need. I’m not held back by anyone else’s agenda or timescales. I can be creative about the way I facilitate to enable people to feel genuinely connected.
What or who inspired you to start your business?
I was working in South Africa as a management consultant on a challenging project. After work one evening a freelance associate we were working with told me: “you do realise you have learned all the skills you need to one day run your own business”. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind but once he had planted the idea it stayed there.
What makes your products/services special?
Working in the way I do, people represent nothing other than themselves as human beings rather than needing to sustain the label of any job description.
Who is your role model or mentor?
Kristin Neff has described and shared in exquisite detail in her book ‘Self Compassion – stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind’ how she navigated some tough life experiences. Having gone through some similar challenges myself I have drawn great strength from her courage to share. It was a privilege to train personally with Kristin.
What is your biggest fear?
Earlier I might have said ‘fear itself’. But now I’ve learnt to treat fear as a visitor that comes and goes.
What motivates you on a daily basis?
My children
What tip would you give women who are starting a business?
You can’t do everything yourself so focus your energies on keeping your standards high in what you do best. Use your network to outsource the rest.
How do you relax?
Sitting on a bench in the sun in my garden either with a coffee or meditating.
People may be surprised to know…
That I’m a Chemical Engineer and spent several years climbing around oil refineries or around train depots.
For more information about Marie Hobbs-Vijendran and Attention2Being, please visit www.attention2being.com