We ask our members share a few thoughts: to introduce themselves to fellow members, and those who are interested in our community.

In this instalment, we interview Teresa Moynihan of Moynihan Consulting.teresamoynihan

I feel I’ve been around for ages – and I have! I’ve lived in the Netherlands for 27 years and I started my business in 2005 primarily doing Recruitment and small HR projects. My business has changed since and I went on to re-train as a Career Counsellor and studied Career and Talent management; several courses followed and my recent qualification is administering Psychometric assessments which can be a great tool in aiding self and career development (personality profiling), or help hiring managers identify the right people for their teams (ability tests).

So my focus is Career Transition coaching and Talent development for organisations and individuals. As I thought it was time to re-launch my business and renew my website so with this done now, I would love it if you could help me spread the word!

Words to describe my business: Career transition coaching and training; talent development; expat partner support; job search coaching; helping organisations during re-organisations/downsizing; occupational assessments.

I’ve been a loyal member of the WBII since its inception and cannot emphasise how valuable this network has been to me. My advice to others starting their own business is: you don’t have to do it all on your own – make use of the support, help and advice out there! WBII is an excellent example of this.

I get my boost, energy and inspiration from being with other people. I love helping people clarify their careers and helping them discover their talents. I also love working with teams and groups. I worked for a long time in HR before I started for myself and although I wouldn’t give up the flexibility and freedom that I have now, I would say the only downside of working for yourself is it can be lonely sometimes; so you have to get out there and keep networking!

My role model? My father – he was a true entrepreneur from a young age and he let nothing get in his way. He believed in himself and worked very hard to build up a successful grocery business – not an easy task being an Irish man in the UK during the 60’s/70’s ! It’s obviously in our blood because my sister has been running her training business for 30 years as well.

I’m originally from Ireland and have lived here for 27 years! I’m married to Maarten (Dutch) and have two children Conor (17) and Orla (11). I love spending time with my extended family – we’re a huge bunch being the youngest of 7! I’m told I’m a bit of a party-animal, but not everyone gets to see this!

For more information about Teresa Moynihan and Moynihan Consulting, please visit http://moynihan-consulting.com