It was a standing room only crowd, as the meeting room of the Beurs van Berlage filled for “Women in the Dutch Workplace”.  Suzy Ogé introduced the topic, along with the possibile alternative title. “I never knew I was a feminist… until I moved to the Netherlands”. Suzy opened the discussion with a question to the audience about their impression of the current status of women in the workplace in NL and continued quizing the audience on statistics and opinion; including participation levels, part-timers, women in management and the scarcity of companies with female Board members.
The audience of men and women represented a diverse cultural cross-section and engaged in a lively debate on controversial topics such as the pros and cons of part-time work and the quota system that has been mandated in Norway.
Suzy shared tips for women to successfully navigate the workplace and make the most of the opportunites for career advancement. Her practical tips include seeking employment in the sectors and companies traditionally overlooked by women.  She also discussed how to stand out from the stereotype in the way you communicate your ambition, your job performance and informal cues such as personal style and dressing for success.
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The 2008 Expatica “I am not a tourist” was held on Sunday. October 12th, with over 100 companies and orgaizations participating and over 5,000 in attendence.