Women of Truth

I would love to welcome the women of WBII to the Crown Plaza Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus.

14-15th September 2019

For the event we would love to invite you to present at the specific WBII – EXPO TABLE at our Seaside venue female entrepreneurs expo with access to an international community of women and access to international Hotel Guests.

There is a deeper and more profound reason to merge forces mainly for the benefit of member who can access a wide, exotic emerging market in Cyprus, special heart-based ambitious women, brilliant restorative views, seaside swimming and such reliable sunshine while networking with international and local female movers and shakers.

Most women in business crave time off and rest from all the roles they play daily as mother wife daughter and business women so Cyprus is becoming a signature destination for a getaway with special access to the rich and powerful legacy – as reminder – of powerful women in antiquity. This inspiration helps build great business leadership insights but more so purposeful contributions to society and community, which ‘YinAlithea’ Women of truth is all about…this and social entrepreneurship.

Investment :

Of course its an expense to visit and interact, but its also a holiday with excellent benefits of the Mediterranean but also, unique and specialise collaborations with industry experts in our seminars on Online Marketing, financial next female unicorn, investors from USA who invest in women businesses. Sunday we have seminars on personal growth parenting, personality, higher love, re-birthing, hormones.

Business collaborators :

AIPFE – Cyprus with Anna Koukkides 2016 speaker
The International Association for the Promotion of Women of Europe (AIPFE) was set up in Brussels in 1987 by Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, who was then a member and later Vice-President of the European Parliament. The Cyprus chapter was established in 2001, aiming to disseminate the idea of European citizenship and to encourage the involvement of women in civil society in Cyprus and abroad.

SHE – Cyprus Experts – Suzana Pavlou 2019 speaker
Established by the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), the She Experts Initiative aims to enhance the visibility and impact of women in their professional capacity, especially across business, politics and industry. We want to multiply women’s voices on key issues in the national dialogue, combat sexism and bias in media coverage, and increase professional opportunities for women.

Social Organisations :

CiWOT – The Cyprus International Women of Today is a charitable organization that has three main purposes: Christine Weeble U.K. Community Service, Personal Growth, Friendship.
We exist to help our local area, to help women become better leaders, strengthen individual talents, to provide friendship and networking, thereby connecting women in their communities and with their neighbors. We volunteer to raise money or donate time to local charities, we offer courses to learn new skills and we organise social events to get to know each other better, try new things and enjoy ourselves.

MBS – Mind Body Spirit Expo – Magdalena Angelides

Changemakers ON and the Next female Unicorn – Simona Simultye Lithuania

European Commission Entrepreneurs exchange, explained at the Conference

Women of Truth

Heleniq Argyrou M.A. Peak Performance