For the last 15 years, The Hague has hosted the largest programme in celebration of Women’s Day in the Netherlands. On March 8, in every neighbourhood throughout the city there are debates, presentations, workshops and theatre performances in buurthuizen, libraries, and museums. Many of these activities are organised by Importante, an organisation for the emancipation and integration of women in The Hague.
Last year the day became a whole week. This year again, Women’s Day will be celebrated from 6 to 12 March with the theme ‘no date of expiration’ because women’s beauty (in the widest sense of the word) does not fade with age. This theme is (indirectly) related to the notion of bodily integrity which is an important element in the city’s approach to emancipation issues.
The programme’s activities are mainly in Dutch. But for the English-speakers among us, one event may be of interest. On Sunday 9 March, the seminar ‘The effect of women entrepreneurs in economic development’ will be held from 16:00 to 21:00 in the HOF on the Riviervismarkt 2. At 16:30 there will be an Ethiopian coffee ceremony presented by Haimanot Belay followed by presentations by Professor Vildan Serin and Sevgi Coşkunserçe, both of Turkish nationality.
By Diane Lemieux – 04/03/08
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