This workshop is taylored for parents of 6 to 18 year old children who speak or understand more than one language.
When our children acquire or learn more than one language during their childhood, school, society, or their international life not always supports all of the languages.

  • What can we do to make sure that our children keep up with a language (or more languages)?
  • Which language should we focus on if we move to another country?
  • Does it make sense that I insist on my child talking the minority language when this is neither supported at school nor by peers?
  • My teenager refuses to talk my language with me: should I be worried?

When: Thursday 9 June 2016, 10:00-12:00
Where: Van Vredenburchweg 42A, 2282 SJ Rijswijk
In this fast paced workshop we will talk about how to maintain and support languages when our children attend school.
Ute will show you how to encourage your children with talking, writing and reading a language that might not be the dominant one at school.
Many studies and support groups focus on bilingualism in the early years. This workshop focuses on 6-18 year old children.
You can sign up for this workshop here or by mailing to UtesExpatLounge@gmail.com

ute-limacher-riebold-100Ute Limacher-Riebold is a lifelong expat and a professional Consultant, Coach and Trainer for Internationals, mainly accompanying partners, and their families. At Ute’s Expat Lounge she helps internationals fully embrace and enjoy their life abroad.
Her expertise lies in verbal and non-verbal communication, bilingualism and intercultural communication (i.e. the interaction between people from different cultures).