Due to the Covid-19 crisis, all our events have moved online. Here’s what to expect when joining our monthly networking events on Zoom.

How to prepare for Virtual Events

If you are new to engaging in virtual events, these tips can help you prepare:

    • Technology is just the enabler – what brings the session to life is Engagement.
      This happens when attendees are willing and able to contribute and provide input.
    • Check you are using the latest version of Zoom.
      This is very quick to do. Open your Zoom application and from the menu, select ‘Check for updates’. Updating takes less than a minute!
    • Zoom works best if everyone is willing to go all in:
          • Connect with audio AND video, use your camera!
          • Use the chat function
          • Share documents, images and links
          • Mute when not speaking – that is unless the dog has something to say!
    • Preparation, like in most aspects of our daily life, is key for virtual sessions.
      Preparation makes for a really engaging session. Be ready to share stories and ask questions as well as listen and learn.
    • Just because we’re not in the same physical location it doesn’t mean we can’t network, engage and collaborate.
      Make sure you have drinks and snacks on hand to bring a feeling of a real life, in person social event; and choose a quiet space so there is minimal background noise.

How to change your view so you can see everyone

When you arrive in the Zoom room, you are probably seeing the “Speaker View” – this is where you can see one main screen showing the person talking and a few small thumbnails with a scroll bar showing the other participants.

Change your view to “Gallery View” to see us all on your screen (you’ll see this option on the top right of your screen). When there are too many participants to display on your screen, an arrow will appear on the right hand side to see more.

Give everyone a wave!


Please keep your mic muted but remember to turn it on when you’d like to speak!

Open the Chat function (at the bottom of your screen) and introduce yourself and your business there. Do you have any announcements? Please share them in the chat. A copy of the chat will be sent out later to all participants.

Please also use the chat to ask questions during the presentations. A few of us will be moderating the chat. If the chat is busy, it is very helpful if you add “QUESTION” to your comment, all in caps.

You can also use the “raise hand” option to indicate that you have a question or would like to speak.

Breakout Sessions during Virtual Networking Events

After our main presentation, we will have some time to talk in smaller groups. You are not obliged to stay for the entire event but it will bring greater value if you join us for this part of our programme.

We will come back together as one group to share our experiences and to conclude our event.


Our networking events on Zoom are recorded. The video replay will be made available to WBII Members via their account on our website. If you DO NOT wish to be identified in the recording, please keep your video off and your mic muted. You may also want to change your name in your Zoom preferences to “NA”.

The breakout sessions are NOT recorded. Please turn on your video and your mic to participate in those!

It is customary to share screenshots of the Zoom call on our social media and on the website after our event. Please notify the office before the event if you do not want to be visible or tagged in our posts. Thank you.


If you experience problems connecting, wait a few minutes and try connecting again.

If Zoom is still not working after 20 minutes, please check your email. It is likely that we sent further instructions, such as an alternative link.

For more details on how Zoom operates, visit their website and their FAQ page.